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Cullompton Tyres-Part worn tyres Cullompton, Devon.

At Tivvy Tyres Cullompton we provide Cullompton Part worn Tyres and New cheap Tyres near Cullompton from just £15! Our Tyre fitters in Cullompton provide the highest levels of service to ensure you are completely satisfied. Many of our Tyre fitters have been fitting for many years and are able to offer impartial and honest advice.  for tyres in Cullompton we know how important it is to see value for money for your car tyres. so if its Cheap Car Tyres in Cullompton Visit Tivvy Tyres Cullompton- That’s why at Tivvy Tyres Cullompton we work on low margins to achieve our cheap Tyre Cullompton prices. We’re so confident we will beat any local Part worn Tyre Cullompton price or New Tyre Cullompton price if like for like and t & c’s apply.

We also provide tyre tracking at the best price and our balancing is completely free of charge when purchasing any new or Part worn tyres. Cullompton is approximately 15 minute’s from our garage Tivvy Tyres just behind Morrisons in Tiverton.  We will soon be providing a Mobile Service, our Mobile service is for the convenience of all our customers and our offers are unbeatable. All prices quoted are the prices you pay were able to come out to your place of work or your home and offer a fast fit cheap tyre Fitting. On our Mobile vehicles we stock a large range of new and part worn tyres we are able to travel to any were in Cullompton, Devon.

Tyres In Cullompton, Devon

All our Quality Part Worn tyres are tested prior to going on to your vehicle, we source our quality part worn tyres from central Europe these tyres come from fleet vehicles and are changed regardless of wear under conditions of leasing company’s therefore a lot of these tyres have very high tread levels we do not supply tyres under 4m with the uk legal limit being 1.6m in a continuous band. You can be sure at Tivvy tyres are Part worn tyres will exceed your expectation’s.

Our New tyres offer exceedingly good value for money all are new tyres are sourced from a uk supplier at cheap prices therefore we are able to pass these huge savings onto yourself in Cullompton or the surrounding areas.

We stock all major brands: Bridgestone, Michelin, Dunlop, Continental, Goodyear, Avon, Bf Goodrich, Barum, Falken, Cooper, Firestone, General, Fulda, Hankook, Kumho, Marangoni, Metzeler, Nexen, Toyo, and many more both Domestic and Commercial tyres to Cars, Vans, Trailers etc.

We also provide All season and Winter Tyres as well as Free Tyre checks as Standard so you stay safe on the road with Tivvy Tyres.

We accept Cash,Visa Debit/Credit ,Maestro, and all major Credit cards.
Tyres Cullompton
Call us now 01884 259739 at Tivvy Tyres for best prices in Cullompton find us just behind Morrisons in Tiverton, Devon.

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3 Things To Check Tyres For In Devon UK Prior To Winter

Tyres are a very critical part to the driving experience. There are multiple things that all drivers should check for in Devon UK to ensure they have the best possible experience, particularly in the winter months. If there are issues, they can be resolved prior to going on the road where one can be met with ice, snow, and more.

Tread Depth

The tread depth on tyres is important because it is what will help a car to stop quickly. There will be sufficient grip on the road when there is thick tread. After driving on the tyres for 10,000 kilometers and more, the tread is going to disappear. No one should drive on the roads when there is not enough tread because this is what leads to poor grip and thus accidents in Cullompton, Devon UK. When the tread gets to a dangerously low level, the best thing to do is replace the tyres to ensure there are no issues moving forward.

Bald Spots

A bald spot is hard to see when simply looking at tyres. It usually involves needing a car to go up on a lift so that a mechanic can turn the wheel and see it from all angles. Such a thing is when there is no tread left on one part of the tyre. If there is a bald spot present, it could cause a car to be unable to stop, especially when there are poor road conditions as a result of the winter weather. Should a driver hit a patch of ice and have a bald spot, it may be impossible to stop.

It is similar to a tread depth problem. When there is a bald spot present, it will involve getting new tyres, which should be done prior to the winter weather arriving.

Tyre Pressure

When the weather gets colder, it has been known to have a negative impact on tyre pressure, often measured as PSI. There are gauges that can be purchased and kept in the car to be able to test without going into a mechanic.

Within the door jamb of the car, there is a note about what the desired PSI is for the make and model of the car. This is the PSI that should be maintained at all times. When the weather is cold, the pressure is going to go down and this may require more frequent fills of air within the tyres to prevent them from being underinflated.

All drivers need to be realistic about what the winter weather does to tyres. Throughout Cullompton, Devon UK, the weather can be quite cold and therefore an inspection on the tyres prior to winter starting can help to rectify any potential problems.