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change-brake-pads-1We supply a broad range of quality brakes and exhausts in Tiverton from are large network of suppliers we can supply premium and cost ranges at the very best prices. We also offer a fitting service from online purchases in Tiverton Devon.

We have a dedicated team of Tiverton specialist Brakes and exhaust Staff who with over a combined 40 years of experience will offer you the best for your car and budget.

Sourcing products from official Brake Suppliers and aftermarket Brake suppliers we are able to offer the very best prices in Tiverton, cullompton, crediton, Honiton and Wellington Somerset.


RS4BrakeKitFittedWe can supply and fit:

-car Brake pads Tiverton.
-Car Calipers Tiverton.
-Brake Disks.
-Car Brakes Tiverton.
-Car Brake Drums Tiverton.
-Brake Wheel Cylinders Tiverton.

Top 3 Reasons To Have Your Brakes in Tiverton Checked Before Winter

Brakes are one of the most important components to a car. During the winter months in Tiverton, UK, drivers are going to experience all sorts of weather conditions. This includes the possibility of snow, ice, and more.

There are three reasons why brakes should be part of the pre-winter inspection.

Better Grip

A good brake inspection should include looking at the rotors, the drums, as well as the wear on the brake pads. When the brakes are in good condition, it is going to create a better grip on the roads. When the roads are slick, there is a greater chance of a car sliding. When the brakes are in poor condition, it can also cause a car to slide a little before braking. This means that it could easily result in an accident if the brakes are not in the best possible condition.

It may be necessary for brake pads to be changed prior to the winter months. During the inspection, tyres are going to be checked as well. This will ensure that there are no bald spots or other reasons for concern while driving in Devon, UK

Possible Malfunction

There is always the possibility for a malfunction when driving. Many people won’t know that there is a problem with their brakes until they hit a patch of black ice or encounter some other problem out on the roads. By having brakes checked prior to the winter weather arriving, it is possible to identify any problems or defects with the brakes and have them repaired or replaced.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that brakes are in good condition is going to provide peace of mind when driving around Tiverton or Devon UK. A brake inspection can go a long way to providing this. Many times, there are brake failures without much notice, if any. Brakes will squeal when the brake pads begin to wear out and are too thin. It may take longer to come to a full stop when slamming on the brakes. However, if a person doesn’t pay attention to these signs, their brakes may be in worse condition than they ever thought imaginable.

The best thing to do is have brakes inspected prior to the winter months every year. This will make it easier to learn about whether all of the parts are in good condition and working as they should. It will provide a better grip on the roads, rule out the possibility for a malfunction of the brakes, and provide better peace of mind, regardless of where a person may be driving throughout the UK. The roads can be rough and having brakes that are capable of stopping quickly are critical when preventing an accident.